Will Boxing Hurt My Gains?

Improving your physique is great and all, but what if you want to learn how throw a mean punch on top of it? (in a ring, of course).

It can

Just like cardio, boxing too can hurt your muscle and strength gains. But will it actually happen has most to do with how you approach it.

To start with, do not even think about doing any sort of boxing before your muscle-building workout.

This will tax your body in more ways than you can image; in other words, you will not be able to perform as many repetitions as before:

Now it is certainly true that jumping around a cone is not a very good comparison to an actual boxing session, but i can tell you one thing – the results will be just the same.

Ok, so you won’t be doing any boxing before your main workout. Can it still impact your beloved all kinds of gains?

And the answer to that question is still yes!

It’s all about how much boxing you do from now on.

How to box and still make gains

The answer is simple – you have to do it for the right amount of time.

You can’t go crazy by going for two hour boxing sessions right after your workout, every day.

Start with an hour, if not a 30 minute session. If that’s too hard, you can always push the boxing to the next day, where you do not lift any weights.

It’s all about testing it out and seeing what works for you.

If you feel that that’s way to little punching for your needs, feel free to increase the time and effort you spend there as you wish.

Can i become a decent boxer and still build muscle?

Probably not. You see, boxing is a lifestyle that requires all of your dedication.

You don’t just spar and hit the heavy bag – you will also need to run, jump rope, eat accordingly and so on and so forth…

You can’t do a traditional weight lifting routine and still expect to progress accordingly in your boxing. I mean, there can be a lot of weight training, calisthenics in the boxing world, but it is specifically created for performance, not muscle definition.

At the end of the day, if you want to get good at one thing, you should do only it.

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