This Is Why You’re Sweating Too Much When Boxing

It’s logical to think that if you sweat whilst boxing, more specifically hitting the heavy bag, pads, when sparring, that it probably means you’re actually working hard, but that’s not always the case.

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Sure, sweating is important in regulating your body temperature, but in life everything has limits, so is perspiration, in other words, sweating.

Excessive sweating might not just feel uncomfortable to you, as often times other fighters in the gym might start noticing your problem, and can get annoyed when training with you – it kind of makes sense, because if they’re holding mitts and you’re hitting them, yup that going to make some splashes.

Down below i have written some tips on how to manage this nuisance.

Water intake

One of the reasons why you might be sweating excessively is because you drink too much water. Many people think that if they start to sweat, they should automatically consume more water even if they don’t actually have any thirst at the moment.

It’s a fact that you’re probably going to need more water than a regular person because you exercise, but to think that you’d need gallons of it isn’t true. If you follow a healthy diet, you should be getting plenty of water from just about anything you eat like fruits and vegetables.

Get a 2 liter bottle of water every time you train, but that doesn’t mean you have to always drink it fully – remember, drink water when you feel actually thirsty, and that should help manage the abundant sweat.

Other beverages

Having a drink of alcohol the day before or constantly chugging coffee can also speed up the production of sweat.

In case that cutting on drinks didn’t help

Get a good headband to prevent any sweat from going into your eyes, head and generally control any needless splashing.

If your sweat smells bad, make sure to shower thoroughly before going to the gym and wear deodorant.

As soon as you get home, dry out your boxing gloves insides by placing them behind a fan or a window as the accumulation of extra sweat will make them a lot more smelly.

Get a long sleeve Dri-Fit type of shirt which will make the sweat evaporate off your body quicker. Long sleeve shirts are a better choice as they will reduce the amount of sweat which falls off your body.

Use a towel during the training sessions.

A great tip is to get three types of shirts, they could be long sleeve shirts, regular t-shirts, or best the Dri-Fit type long sleeve ones. Change to the first shirt after warm up if you already feel drenched, then before actual boxing, and when you’re ready to go home change the shirt once again.

See a doctor

If you have tried everything discussed above, or you sweat when not exercising at all, i would highly suggest consulting your doctor, as there can be serious underlying illnesses involved in excessive sweating. The doctor might just end up giving you prescription based antiperspirants which could solve the issue.

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