9 Reasons Why You Get Headaches After Sparring

Headaches are a nuisance in an every day life, but when it comes down to getting them after a sparring session it can be dangerous sign.

Welcome newcomer

Headaches, neck pain are usually the biggest problems for people who just started to spar. It makes sense why, as they probably never took a shot to their head before in their life, let alone many, and their body has yet to learn on how to absorb them.

If you get a headache right after your first sparring session, the next day or after a couple more it’s usually nothing serious, but if it still persists after rest, you might want to read the paragraph below.

Time for a doctor visit

If you’ve been in a fair share of sparring sessions and just now started to notice that you get headaches after one it might be time to see a doctor.

This is extremely important if the headaches last for days, you feel a loss of balance, nauseousness or even dizziness – that all can signify a concussion. Again, headaches do happen to a lot of boxers, and it might be nothing serious, but if you feel you just started getting them out of the ordinary, see a doctor.

If he has ruled out any dangerous possibilities, then you should probably look into the next tips below.

Back to the basics

Yes, i know that there are types of fighters out there who spar with their hands down and make it seem that they love getting hit in the head, but you should obviously refrain from doing that. Keep your guard up and do everything it takes to evade or block a punch.

Getting hit just a little too much can cause unnecessary headaches, not to mention potential concussions.

Don’t spar with the bigger folks

Another thing i see happening quite often is people sparring with larger opponents. Here’s the deal, even if you both go light, his or her light might not be equivalent to yours, and those strikes can definitely stun you.

Actually it’s your own coach’s task to not let that happen – that is one telltale sign that the gym you’re training in not might be as good as it might seem. In case that you are indeed sparring with a fellow in your weight division, just tell them to simmer down.

Headgear might be a culprit

Sometimes the headgear you wear can cause problems which lead to headaches: make sure that it’s snug on your head. Try switching headgear with a more used one, as the more worn often times fit the head better.

Get a Mexican style headgear which features cheek and chin protection as it can reduce the severeness of the shots you take, although it will limit the visibility.

Other reasons

Headaches could also happen not just because of shots to the head – sparring in general is a pretty strenuous activity so it wouldn’t be a surprise to get some pain in the head occasionally because of it.

You could also be simply breathing incorrectly. Make sure to not hold your breath in when you throw punches and exhale accordingly. Keep the breathing pattern steady throught too.

It is know that dehydration can also cause headaches, so make sure to drink water consistently during training.

Do some strengthening exercises for your neck and jaw area which will help you take shots better, and can reduce headaches.

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