6 Ways To Treat Lower Back Pain When Punching

Lower back pain can not only persist in our day to day life, but even during activities such as boxing.

There are many reason why lower back could cause pain when working on your punches, but thankfully many of them can be treated or at least relieved with simple stretches and exercises.

The good old stretching

One of the causes for lower back pain when you do any type of punching is improper stretching or none at all. Starting to go hard on a heavy bag, shadowboxing without any warm up is one recipe for disaster, especially if you haven’t done it in a while.

There are numerous of ways to approach warm ups, but this video will give a general idea of what you should at least do:

Once you warm up it’s time to focus on stretching the back leg muscles, as often times they have a lot to do with lower back pain management when punching.

Your main goal is to make sure that your hamstrings and glutes feel warm and ready to go: start by doing 10 repetitions of glute bridges. For hamstrings get a resistance band (just get this set on Amazon, you won’t regret it), hook one end somewhere stable and the other one through your leg, lay down on your stomach then lift your legs until you feel a stretch happening and lower the legs (like a bicep curl), repeat that 10 times on each leg.

These muscles play an important role when stabilizing your body as you hold the stance and throw punches, so it’s not a surprise you should work on them especially if you have the symptoms of lower back pain when punching.

Try doing some specific stretches for your lower back, even every single day, such as the child’s pose or lower back twist, more on that here.

Stretch your hip flexors as they can also contribute to lower back pain when boxing.

Make sure the technique is correct

I can’t tell this enough but it happens more than it should. If you train in a gym you should definitely inform your coach on the pains you have and tell him to analyze your punching form.

That is harder to fix if you’re just hitting the heavy bag, shadowboxing by yourself without any prior training. Get as much information as you can on the internet on how to actually throw punches correctly, stand, move, etc. before doing anymore striking.

Take a look at this video for one of the most fundamental boxing exercises, the right cross. Follow up with the next videos on how to throw jabs, uppercuts and hooks.

Shoes can also be the reason

The shoes you wear during practice can also cause some lower back pain. Make sure to use actual boxing shoes when punching, even if you’re training at home.

I like these Adidas’ – sure, they are marketed as wrestling shoes, though they work just as well for boxers, believe me.

If you don’t want to use specific ones, make sure your’s are not running shoes, and have a more flat base which will work better. Take note on the shoes you wear in your daily life – are they too heavy, or not accommodated for constant walking.

Core and back strengthening

Lower back pain during activities such as boxing can also be caused by weak back and abdominal muscles. Do some classic isometric exercises like planks and side planks.

If you have an access to the gym, do some cable chops with the machine, if not, use resistance bands (the same set i recommended up top) as they can work just as well. Do some Superman’s to strengthen your lower back, or you can also do hyperextensions, although it will require an exercise ball, and you’ll need to drive your feet into a wall in order to prevent the rocking. All of these exercises can be repeated at least three times a week.

Water and rest

The pain might just come from the fact that you are working too hard! Give yourself a week or two of rest and see how your back feels after.

Make sure to drink enough water when training. Take note if you are getting enough nutrients like potassium, magnesium.

See a doctor

If you’ve tried everything i have already suggested, or your pain is so severe you can’t even do them in the first places, you should go and see a doctor.

There are numerous other ways your lower back might hurt during punching or even training for that matter that regular stretching can’t really fix like a herniated disc. Try getting a chiropractor’s appointment as they’re know to help relieving back pain, but before that see a medical professional.

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