Help, My Nose Bleeds When Boxing!

Nosebleeds are annoying just about anywhere, but when it happens during boxing training like sparring, it can lead to it’s stoppage, or simply make your partner think he “won” just because he drew some blood.

Having your nose bleed after getting punched generally doesn’t mean it’s something to worry about, but still, there are a few things you can do to at least make it happen less often or just prevent it altogether.

You’re just a beginner

Normally if someone says they’re getting nosebleeds during every sparring, fighting session or so, it’s probably because they’re new to the sport.

It’s obvious that in boxing strikes to the head happen, and considering the fact that you also get it hit probably way too often as you’re new, and your face isn’t yet conditioned to endure this type of punishment, the nose could start to bleed because of it.

More often than not the issue resolves by itself as you get more experienced in the ring, and eventually might just disappear completely. It’s hard to say exactly how long that might take, but you could start seeing improvements just after about a couple of months of training.

Work on your defense

Yeah, i know, we all heard the good old “just don’t get hit, bro??” saying from some folks, but it’s probably obvious by now that it’s just plain impossible to never get hit in the face, neither your nose exactly.

The less you get hit in the face, the less of a chance there is for your nose to start bleeding, so getting better at trying to avoid the incoming punch might be all you need to solve this problem.


Having a dry nose can make your nose bleed out of the blue during any everyday activities, not to mention with additional help from being hit.

The insides can be lubricated with specific antibacterial ointments, but for starters i suggest to just smear some petroleum jelly using a cotton swab a couple of times a day, especially before bed. You can even buy a saline spray which will also work great in combination to keep your nose as wet as possible.

The place where you live could also have dry air which in turn might make your nose dry, so invest in a good quality humidifier like this one on Amazon –┬áthat can be especially important during seasons like winter.

Once you start applying all of the suggestions on this paragraph, you should refrain from sparring for about a week or two to get the treatment’s full benefit.

Wear better gear

The headgear is worn to protect your face mainly from the cuts, but it could also be used to prevent your nose against getting pummeled from strikes. In this case, your best bet is to get a face saver type, and this Ringside one (link) should be more than enough to begin with.

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The people you spar with could be also simply using way too light gloves! Lighter gloves have less padding which will make you more injury prone, so make sure you’re both sparring with the biggest gloves you can comfortably wear, generally that’s 16 oz (454 grams) or more.

Other potential reasons and solutions

A recurring nosebleed could be a sign of a nose injury such as deviated septum, not to mention that it can get more frequent after you break your nose.

Habitually picking your nose could also be the reason why it bleeds so easily from getting punched – being conscious about it is the first step on how to stop yourself from doing it.

We are all different in one way or another, so is our noses – depending on it’s shape, it could be more susceptible to getting hit which might lead to getting it broken or just plain bleeding, in that case your best bet is to protect it best with good defense!

If all else fails

Nosebleeds don’t usually mean anything serious, but if it still continues to happen after you tried it all, your best bet is to see a doctor, as it could be a sign of serious underlying diseases.

If your doctor hasn’t found any serious possibilities, he might suggest you to get your nose cauterized – essentially, it’s a procedure during which the vessels inside your nostrils get sealed, and that can help prevent nosebleeds from happening ever again.

For some fighters it works better than for others, but you might consider giving it a shot, although it can be expensive.

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