7 Ways To Reduce Heavy Bag Noise

Heavy bags are used for training purposes not just in gyms only – offices, basements and even apartments are often times a place to hang this training bag.

The problem is that hitting such a thing can cause quite a bit of noise, and become bothersome for your neighbors, or even your family, but thankfully there are some ways to reduce it.

The chains

Image by Jeffrey Zeldman via Flickr

One of the biggest sources of heavy bag noise is from the chains it’s attached to. You can solve this issue by two methods: first, try wrapping the chains with any type of tape, be it duct tape, electrical tape, etc.

Doing so will prevent the chains from swaying and rubbing at each other which will greatly reduce the sound. Another thing you can do is replace the chains completely with ratchet straps (link to Amazon) – a silent alternative to chains that can be easily attached to the punching bag as they have hooks.

You could also try purchasing a separate spring (link). Not only will it help in silencing the punching bag, but will also absorb a lot of shock from the strikes, which will reduce the wear and tear of the mounts.

Heavy bag itself

Another source of heavy bag noise is from the actual punching. It all really depends on which type you have, as all punching bags sound somewhat different, but they all can be dampened. The cheapest way to do so is by getting a thick blanket, wrapping it around the bag and securing it with duct tape or some belts.

Your footwork

Don’t forget that hitting the heavy bag will produce a lot of vibrations from the movement you make, especially if you’re very into it. The vibrations can be reduced with simple interlocking foam mats (Amazon link), and they also will make it a lot more comfortable to move, not to mention bare feet.

Other tips

Try getting a pack or even a couple of soundproofing panels (affiliate link) and glue them around the room – they’re pretty cheap and will help reducing the sound that penetrates a little bit, it all really depends on how much space you want to cover.

It might seem obvious, but don’t hit the punching bag so hard! Remember, you don’t have to constantly be hammering it – work on your technique and from time to time throw a couple of harder shots, and even then, it’s not even required to go full force if you just want to get a workout in.

The technique also matters, as improperly thrown punches can make more of a thumping sound – make sure to turn your punches in a snapping motion and don’t try to go through it.

If you’re living in an apartment and don’t want to annoy your neighbors, work on the bag during the day time or when majority of them are at work.

Get a heavier heavy bag. Lighter ones move too much and don’t absorb the sound as well, so getting one that is at least 100 lb (45 kg) can make a world of difference. I like this Everlast one off Amazon as it even comes with straps instead of chains, so you don’t have to worry about buying separate ones. Taller than 5 ft (1.5 m) bags are also a great idea, it’s just that if you’re only throwing punches the extra length might be a waste of money.

Other bags like freestanding and double end ones roughly sound less loud when used, so you might consider purchasing one of these.

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