Massage Before A Fight | Is It A Good Idea?

Most of us associate massages with a period of mind and body relaxation, although there are different types of them which might not be as good to receive before a fight.

The only type of massage you can get before a fight

In my opinion, you can only get a light massage which is done more or less to just help you calm down and in general “wake up your body” for what’s coming.

I like this video showcasing a Muay Thai fighter getting a massage just before a fight – note that the masseurs don’t do any deep work just some rapid, sometimes slow stimulation.

It does look quite intense i must say, so you might not want to get exactly that type of treatment, but you get the gist of it. Also, your lower body will probably not need to be massaged as much as in the video if you’re a boxer, as you don’t throw kicks.

Try not to get a massage after a warm up as that will make you “cool down” significantly and you’re going to need to redo it.

Note of caution

If you have never got a massage before, i would suggest trying one a month or couple before a fight as you really don’t know how your body will respond at first and even a light one could make you sore.

You could also potentially get “too loose” if you get it for a longer time before a fight, so stick around to a 10 minute session and that should prevent it.

No deep stimulation

Don’t even think of getting a deep tissue massage, or in other words, massage that is done with more applied pressure with a goal of separating muscle and such. This type of massage can make you sore for some time, so do it only at least 2 weeks before a fight.

The best time to get a massage

Generally speaking, if you want to get a proper massage the best time is always after the fight especially if you have any muscle soreness caused by the training.

Alternatives and notes

Massages don’t always need to be done even if you feel like you have some tight spots all around your body as the issue could be solved with a simple foam roller. Learning how and when to use one correctly can make muscle soreness disappear quicker and save you money in the long run.

Always get a good quality warm up before any training as that can help reduce any chance of additional muscle soreness or injury happening in the future, and you might not ever need to use a foam roller or get a massage in the first place.

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